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Jeff Rasley


 Vicki is a superb tour director.  I went to the Holy Land with Vicki Xikis and our late beloved Metropolitan Anthony.  Vicki is a true professional, completely knowledgeable about  Holy sites,  and designs a tour which includes major spiritual sites, as well as time for reflection and even fun… 

 Traveling with Vicki is a life changing experience, and I highly recommend her.  After all, someone who has taken more than 70 tours to the Holy Land surely has a special understanding of the places we all want to see.

Dr. Angela Zerdavis
President and Faculty Emerita
Pima Community College

Dear Vicki,

 We arrived home safe and sound, and on schedule.  It was the unanimous
Opinion of all of us that this was the greatest experience of our lives.

 I have traveled a great deal, but this trip meant more to me than any I have ever had,  All during the trip, I marveled at your efficiency, and the way you handled everything.I just do not feel it would have been possible without you.

Charles L. Allen
First United Methodist Church
Houston, Texas

Dear Vicki,

 I would like to thank you for being a very important element of providing memories of the nicest tour I have ever taken.  Your care and personal attention shall be long remembered by me and all the others -- 364 of us.

 If you are ever in the DC area, please give a call.

Jane Hancock Smith
Falls Church, Va

Dear Vicki,


 Where  do I begin to thank you for such a “SUPER” trip to Athens, Greece.
I truly fell in love with your country and  its people.I have not stopped raving about it.


 We all realized  it took  a tremendous amount of your time to organize such a well planned  and executed trip. 


Shirley Steinberg
Overland Park, Ks

Dearest Victoria.


I hope my email finds you in good health. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for organizing an amazing pilgrimage trip.


It was my first time as you know, and I had an amazing time! From the beginning everything went according to plan. I loved the instructions that you gave to make everyone well prepared from packing to the last detail you could think off. Bishop Ilias was so wonderful and made the trip so meaningful and spiritual. Our hotel accommodations were great and I loved our tour guide (John) in Israel. He was so knowledgeable, accommodating and helpful. We always felt safe and were kept out of harm.


I loved all the places we visited. One of my favorite place was the Sea of Galilee. I have never seen a more calm body of water. I could feel Jesus walking on the water. It was just an experience, that I will never forget. And a fun night, it was the night that I floated in the Dead Sea. It was so cool! I can go on and on for all the places we visited. Each one was very special and unique. I sure learned a lot and now every time I hear the Gospel at church, I have a different understanding and feeling because I visited many places that Jesus taught and performed miracles.   


Thank you again for an unforgettable experience and I hope to go again in the future with my family.


With much love,


Vicky Palivo

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